Psoriasis Cream Natural Herbal Ointment Antibacterial

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Psoriasis Control Moisturizing Cream



Specially developed to deal with skin problems,such as psoriasis,eczema,rash,itchy skin,etc.A healthy and efficient combination of ingredients solves skin problems and no longer repeats.


PSEUDOLARIX KAMEPFERI ROOT BARK EXTRACT: anti-inflammation and Anti-bacteria, treat stubborn psoriasis; relieve itching
DICTAMNUS DASYCARPUS ROOT BARK EXTRACT: against purulent skin infection
PHELLODENDRON CHINENSE BARK EXTRACT: Anti-bacteria, inhibit bacteria growth, enhance skin immunity
STEMONA TUBEROSA ROOT EXTRACT: smooth and moisturzie skin, Prevents itching caused by dry skin


Item Information:

Types: ointment for psoriasis skin

Brand: JoyPretty
Net Weight: 20g


1) safe effective and non-harmful

2) with better effect than common psoriasis cream

3) suitable for everyone


1. Apply appropriate amount of Antibacterial Cream on the affected skin;

2. Wait till absorbed;

3. Use daily morning and evening.


Package Include:

1* 20g Psoriasis Control Moisturizing Cream